Loghouses, frame buildings, garden cottages, cabins..

Our firm "Sruby-drevostavby" ("Loghouses-frame buildings") constructs garden cottages, cabins, log-homes, administrative buildings, saunas and supplies various timber goods. We consruct fully intergrated buildings or basic construction. We can offer to process the project with a qualified civil engineer.

Loghouses, frame buildings, garden cottages, cabins..

Technical description:

The walls of the log-homes are built from a plane Finnish spruce or pine timber (natural or glue – wich is good for stability) with a tongue and groove system and corner joints. The thickness of the outside walls can be 33, 50, 70, 88, 112 or 134 mm. This depends on the dimensions of the building. The peripheral walls are a fixed prism frame with thermal insulation and the facing is finished in plane timber. The inside facing timber is the same width (180 mm) as the peripheral walls. The inside screens are made of the same timber as the outside walls. The bathroom can be finisched with plasterboard and ceramic tiles.

The basic frame of each building is made of larch timber (70/140mm). The floorboards from timber (thickness 20 or 30 mm) or plasterboard (with ceramic tiles) on a prism frame with 60 mm thermal insulation.

Roof construction:

Our firm uses classical roof construction. It is constructed with plane rafters and supporting struts. It is covered with plane timber. The rafters and struts remain visible. The roof comes complete with double thermal insulation and damproofing (DÖRKEN DELTA – FOL RELFEX and VENT N). The roof is finished with the roof tile BRAMAC.

The Ceilings

The joists are covered with plane timber and comes complete with thermal and noise insulation and floorboards on the second floor.2K.

The windows and doors

EUROWINDOWS system. The windows are tilt and turn.

Merits of log-cabins in comparison to brick houses:

  • better thermal insulation parameters – smaller heating expense
  • smaller thickness of walls have better insulations parameters than brick walls - IF YOU COMPARE THE SAME TWO BIG HOUSES YOU WILL FIND OUT THAT OUR LOG-CABINS HAVE BIGGER ROOMS OR ONE MORE ROOM.
  • dry building – shorter time of building
  • better microclimate, buildings are naturally permeable
  • aesthetic value of buildings – log cabins compliment their natural surroudings

Some further merits of our log-houses

In classical log-house construction only the corner joints bear the weight. Construction with the tongue and groove system means the whole wall bears the weight. This has great results for stability and insulation of the building. The timber used for our buildings does not need time to dry naturally (one year), because we dry it, therefore the entry date from start of construction is substantially shorter.

Approximate price for 1 m2 of a fully intergrated log-cabin

The price of 1 m2 living area (downstairs + attic) is approx. 18 000 - 20 000 Kč. This equates to 620 – 690 EURO (assuming exchange rate of 29 Czech Crowns per 1 EURO). The exact price depends on the specific dimensions of the building. This price does not include the heating system, wiring and transportation.

„Basic construction“ cabin contents:

  • timber cladding for the outsides walls and inside screen walls
  • windows and outsides doors
  • complete roof with insulation and tinsmith work
  • the building is sealed and protect angainst outside climatic influence

„Fully integrated“ cabin more contents:

  • thermal insulation for walls and floors
  • facing for walls
  • floorboards or plasterboards in bathrooms
  • inside doors
  • basic amenities in bathrooms (washbasin, water-closet)

No one house comes the same. We construct only for the individual needs of our highly regarded customer.

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